About ABC Spectrum Preschool

ABC Spectrum Preschool implements the High/Scope developmental approach to learning. “In the High/Scope educational approach, children are active learners, supported and challenged by adults. The content of preschoolers’ learning is guided by 58 key developmental indicators in language and literacy, mathematics and science, social-emotional development, physical development and the arts. The heart of the High/Scope approach is the plan-do-review sequence in which children make choices, carry out their ideas, and reflect on what they learned. These activities promote initiative and independence. In addition, children engage in group activities, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills, and exercise large muscles during outdoor time.”
At ABC Spectrum Preschool we demand the best for our students. This includes having teachers who hold college degrees and who continue on our staff year after year. Our staff continues to attend early childhood education courses throughout the year, in addition to periodic workshops held at the school. We keep extensive developmental checklists on every student, which are shared with parents at conferences, thereby assuring that your child is getting the individual attention they need in all areas of their development. Monthly newsletters for each program, opportunities to purchase inexpensive books, yearly 3 year old picnic, Kindergarten Tea, Fall Open House, Spring Art show, Pre-K and Kindergarten Graduation, parent/teacher conferences, and various toddler/two year old happenings are special activities that enhance your child’s education. Several after school enrichment programs are offered each school year to compliment our academic programs.
Our school is not a “cookie cutter” imitation of many of the large franchise schools that are evident in our area, but a long established family oriented program providing a cognitive developmental curriculum based on each child’s individual needs. The original owners and founders of ABC Spectrum Preschool have over 45 years experience and hold bachelor and master degrees in education, early childhood education, special education, communication, and a speech/language specialist. We have retained a successful working relationship with the Manalapan Public Schools and are proud to be a working partner educating young children.
Over the past 39 years we have had more than 6000 children go through our school and we can count many success stories as these youngsters continue through elementary, high school, and college. We are proud of our accomplishments at ABC Spectrum Preschool!