Why Choose ABC Spectrum Preschool

ABC Spectrum Preschool

  1. Same location for over 39 years.
  2. Private, individualized preschool education.
  3. Flexible programs for all ages.  Resulting in choice of hours with comparative tuition options.
  4. Registration fee of $65.
  5. Rest time to accomodate individual child’s needs.
  6. Separate lunchroom which prevents food odors in classroom.
  7. Separate multi-station computer lab.
  8. In ground wading pool for summer camp that provides for fun water play.
  9. Acres of trees and open space. Two fenced in playground areas for separate ages.
  10. Two weeks vacation credit any time.
  11. Tuition due by 20th of the month. Late fee $20.
  12. TAPS – “Talk About Preschool” A free class for new children at the beginning of the year.
  13. Tuition fees are established to provide the highest quality education, programming and class size.
  14. Two full day or half day summer camp programs for children toddler aged to 6 years old
  15. Latest smart board technology to support learning offered to all  Kindergarten Prep,  Pre-K 4 students, and 3 year olds.
  16. STEM classroom to teach early science, technology, engineering, and math skills!
Franchise Schools
  1. New to area, most owners new, no experience.
  2. Packaged franchise curriculum.
  3. Limited programs, few tuition options.
  4. Registration fees $125 to $150.
  5. Manditory 2 hour nap time daily.
  6. Children eat in classroom.
  7. Computers in classroom.
  8. No in ground pool.
  9. Small multi-use playground area.
  10. Vacation credit July and August only.
  11. Tuitions due by 1st to 7th of the month. Late fees $25 to $35.
  12. No Free introductory classes.
  13. No seperate STEM classroom.


More Reasons To Choose ABC

  • Owners/Directors hold degrees in preschool education, elementary education, special education and speech and language development
  • All classroom teachers hold college degrees
  • All staff is certified in infant & child CPR and First Aide
  • All students infant thru kindergarten age are tracked on a developmental skills checklist
  • Parent/Teacher conferences are held bi-yearly or as needed
  • All classroom materials are readily accessible for children’s use and are pictorially labeled on eye level shelving. Manipulative materials are changed monthly
  • Infants and Toddlers experience the continuity of 1 primary caretaker/teacher on a daily basis
  • Infant, Toddler and Preschool classes are NEVER combined to reduce required staffing. Teacher to student ratios are: 1 to 4 for infants and toddlers, 1 to 9 for preschool and kindergarten, in addition to two on site directors who are always available to lend a helping hand
  • Teachers on staff have been at ABC Spectrum Preschool an average of 14 years
  • Each classroom has a private bathroom
  • Indoor lunchroom
  • Large activity room for gross motor indoor play
  • Infant/Toddler/Two year outdoor playground
  • Large spacious preschool/kindergarten playground
  • Computer lab
  • Both 10 and 12 month school programs are offered
  • Camp ABC for children 3 to 6 years of age
  • Camp Tots for toddler and two year old students