affordable daycare Manalapan New Jersey


As of 10 PM on Wednesday July 24 power has been restored! School will open tomorrow morning July 25 at 7 AM

As of 4:30 PM July 24 JCP&L has advised we should have restored power by 11:30 PM tonight. I will post an update as soon as power comes on or at 5 AM tomorrow morning. I will also post on Facebook and Instagram as well as leave a voicemail message once phone lines are working. Hope to see everyone tomorrow 🤞🏻

As of 11 AM on Wednesday July 24 we still have no power at school. We are waiting for updates from JCPL and will update this announcement as that happens. The phone lines are also out of order as of now and will be restored with the power. We apologize for circumstances out of our control and hope our families without power will be restored soon. We will also update on Facebook and Instagram, so please follow us so you get posting. Thank you!

Some encouraging news is that they are working on the traffic light at the corner of our school so maybe soon we hope!


Registration for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year is now in progress.  Please call for registration materials.  732-446-4747 or request


MY GYM OF MANALAPAN’s Mobile Fitness Program Mondays from 3:15 – 4:00 pm

AMAZING ATHLETES an educational sports program    Wednesdays from  3:15-3:50 pm

Accepting New Students

affordable daycare Manalapan New Jersey

Now accepting new students for 2019!
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