The Art of Reading With Your Child

The Art of Reading With Your Child Can reading stories aloud to young children actually be crafted into an art? Well of course it can if the reader is purposeful and creative in how they approach selecting a storybook as well as how they engage the young child while reading. Selecting Storybooks For Young Children The first step is to tap into the young preschoolers interests. Begin by giving consideration to the illustrations. Are the drawings, paintings, or photographs visually pleasing? If there are people shown in the pictures, do they represent a variety of races, ages, and physical abilities? What are the people doing? Are the activities and messages depicted meaningful to the child? Next will the story line make sense to the child? Is it interesting enough to encourage the child to discuss it? Is it written in […]


How to Read to Your Child The love of reading is one that initially is fostered by parents of young children. Reading should be relaxing and fun, not a chore or an assignment. Reading should be a daily pleasure for young children! Let your child choose the books you will read. Don’t be surprised if your child chooses the same books over and over. Repetition will help your child begin to recognize familiar words and letters. Try to set aside a regular time to read each day. This might be at bedtime, after school, early in the morning during breakfast or whatever works in your families schedule. Next be sure to choose a comfortable place to read without a lot of distractions. Snuggle or sit side by side on a couch, bed, rocking chair; on pillows; at the kitchen table; […]


PARENTS SUPPORTING LITERACY & LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT IN PRESCHOOLERS As parents, an important goal we all set for our children is that of  becoming a proficient reader and writer.  To help support literacy and language development  parents frequently spend time researching the best matched preschools and child care centers, subsequently enrolling in chosen one, as a way to achieve success for their children. However, the most important early childhood teacher is, you the parent! WHAT CAN PARENTS DO?  Have daily conversations with your child Speaking and listening lay the foundation for reading and writing.  So have meaningful conversations daily with your child.  When you have a conversation with your child, take turns listening and talking.  Remember, conversation means two-way communication.  Also remember to be patient and listen to what your child has to say even if you have to wait for […]

Key Experiences in Language and Literacy

Young children read and write in many different ways. They begin by recognizing familiar drawings and symbols in their environment. For example, they know the meaning of a Stop Sign, Exit Sign, traffic signal, a store sign etc…. They start by pretend reading a favorite book by describing the pictures or reciting parts of a story from memory. By displaying these behaviors children show us that they understand the idea of print and that it is used to communicate. In the HighScope classroom we support emergent reading by implementing the following key experiences in language and literacy. HighScope Preschool Key Experiences in Language and Literacy Speaking and Listening 1. Talking with others about personally meaningful experiences 2. Describing objects, events, and relations 3. Having fun with language : listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes Reading and […]

Why Unit Blocks In Preschool?

Children’s blocks have been a staple in many toy boxes around the world for as long as most of us can remember. In fact toy makers began decorating blocks with letters of the alphabet in an attempt to sneak some “learning” into a child’s play. But it was soon noticed that young children usually ignored the letters and piled the blocks into tall towers. Fast forward to the 1930’s and educators began to notice that children’s play was to be taken seriously. Because serious play was in fact learning. As play itself was being recognized as learning, a new type of block came on the market. They were just pieces of unpainted wood, the same width and thickness, and with lengths twice or four times as great as the unit block. A few curves, cylinders, and half thickness blocks were […]

help preschoolers enjoy reading

How Do We Help Preschoolers Enjoy Reading?

How Do We Help Preschoolers Enjoy Reading? As parents and educators we all have the goal of opening up the world of words and reading to our young children and students. But how might we spark attention and engagement with story books by our young learners? A major contribution of the story-reading experience is the pleasure that it can bring. First of all, stories are often very interesting. They talk about children, animals, pretend characters, funny situations, even frightening events that usually turn out all right. Entering into the world of stories on their own is something that many children want to do once they have experienced the joy that stories can bring. So lots of exposure and experiences with stories can build a positive attitude toward reading and hopefully a strong desire to learn to read. Aside from a […]