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Camp ACE

Have your student be an ABC ACE! The Academic Camp Explorer program will be offered in two 4 week or an 8 week session, from 9:00 -11:30 am. This exciting summer camp program provides a self-esteem building, nurturing, caring and non-competitive instructional environment for the students.

Students who have just completed a PreK program and are entering Kindergarten in September as well as students who are entering first grade this Fall are invited to join ACE on Mon, Wed, and Fri. mornings.

Introducing a new theme every 2 weeks, our campers will have fun increasing skills in letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and alphabetic knowledge. This will include visual discrimination, ( ie: name recognition, word sorting, matching words, and like letters). Perceiving rhyme, making a rhyme, blending onsets and rimes. Letter sounds, isolation of sounds, matching sounds, blending phonemes and segmentation of words. Writing activities will include organizing information, printing letters, interactive and shared writing, and communicating ideas. Students will also be engaged in math activities that focus on properties and relationships of shapes, numeration, ordering and sorting, measurement, spatial relationships and terminology, operation and place value as well as charts and graphs.

The ACE Program is designed to teach, challenge, reinforce and expand Kindergarten Skills learned during the school year and are also planned around a weekly theme.

Students will be provided with many opportunities to explore and identify sound-symbol relationships in meaningful contexts. We will engage our campers in activities that will help them to segment words into individual sounds and blend the sounds into whole words.

Exposure to interesting and conceptually rich literature will provide daily opportunities for children to write and build their sight word vocabulary, as well as web fun lessons into science, social studies and the arts.

Mathematical activities will emphasize through children’s active involvement the 5 mathematical processes of problem solving, reasoning, communicating, connecting, and representing.

Summer vacation, anticipated by children and adults alike, also contributes to “summer learning loss” or what educators refer to as the “summer slide”. Current research supports the concept that children learn best when instruction is continuous. The long summer vacation breaks the rhythm of instruction, leads to forgetting and requires a significant amount of review of materials when students return to school in the fall. To help minimize this backsliding, high-quality summer programs combining engaging lessons and enriching experiences can help children stay on track.

Also available for ACE Campers is the flexability to add lunch and CAMP ABC fun for the afternoon to any 4 week or 8 week session. This would include a daily swim, arts and crafts, music and dance, and outdoor sports activities.

If you are looking for a Manalapan summer camp for your kids, we are the perfect choice.

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affordable daycare Manalapan New Jersey

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