How to Read to Your Child

The love of reading is one that initially is fostered by parents of young children. Reading should be relaxing and fun, not a chore or an assignment. Reading should be a daily pleasure for young children!

Let your child choose the books you will read. Don’t be surprised if your child chooses the same books over and over. Repetition will help your child begin to recognize familiar words and letters. Try to set aside a regular time to read each day. This might be at bedtime, after school, early in the morning during breakfast or whatever works in your families schedule.

Next be sure to choose a comfortable place to read without a lot of distractions. Snuggle or sit side by side on a couch, bed, rocking chair; on pillows; at the kitchen table; in a tent in the basement; or maybe in a backyard hammock.

Also important is making sure your child can see and touch the book while you read. If it’s a new book, read it yourself beforehand so you feel comfortable with its contents and have a sense of where you or your child might pause to talk about what you are reading. Remember to read with interest and expression. Show your pleasure in this shared experience!