Thoughts on Progress Reports in Preschool

Parent teacher conferences are an opportunity for teachers to share a “snapshot” of their students in the classroom setting. This picture is a time exposure of students that’s been developing during the past few months. Considering preschooler’s many likes and dislikes, mood changes from day to day, it’s probably a pretty good likeness of most students.

When you see your child’s snapshot, remember this is a report of someone near and dear to you. So, please don’t get too uptight if you see a blemish. Remember to accept your student as they are.

Please do not picture your child as being better than all the other children. Remember that all children do not learn to talk or walk at the same time. Please do not compare your child to their brother, sister, or neighbor next door. Please set realistic goals, but be careful not to push your preschooler to succeed at something that is beyond their ability. Children of preschool age really need help, guidance, and encouragement to be their very best!

Be mindful and understand that your child’s progress report is a picture of their school progress. Your child’s teacher knows your student as they are in school. Parents know their children as they are at home. The “real” preschool student is somewhere in between. When these two pictures become blended with acceptance and understanding, we believe the “snapshot” will be a shining portrait.