Marlboro Preschool

ABC Spectrum Preschool has been implementing the High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum for over 39 years with outstanding outcomes for children! Research-based and child-focused, the High Scope Curriculum uses a carefully designed process called “active participatory learning” to achieve powerful, positive outcomes.

As teachers, parents, and educational researchers have discovered, the High Scope Preschool Curriculum not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning but also promotes independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving – the fundamental skills that help determine success in adult life.   This is what we mean by The HighScope Difference.

ABC Spectrum Preschool is located 2 miles off of Rt. 33 on Millhurst Rd in Manalapan Twp. Close to the northern border of Millstone Twp.